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App Development

Podcasting Magazine

One of the coolest projects and opportunities we market is app development. Podcasting Magazine is just of the types of Apps we develop. This one in particular is a Magazine style application that has extraordinary benefits to both the developer or owner as well as the readers and customers.

Developing and Publishing a Magazine App in your niche or market is a profound way to become a sought out authority. Having the ability to reach countless subscribers, communicate with them through your articles, audio and videos is unprecedented. Further, being able to send them ‘direct messages’ via Push Notifications is just the tip of the proverbial ‘iceberg’, not to mention the ability to measure everything via analytics. When was the last time you were able to tell exactly how many people tapped on your physical magazine article or how much time was spent on that piece?

Membership Sites, Niche Products and Business Coaching

There are profound opportunities for individuals, businesses and organizations to create, publish and promote information via Membership Websites, Niche Digital Products and Business Coaching. The growth in these areas is staggering.

So much so, that not only do we consult and help others create, publish and profit from this opportunity, but we practice what we preach! We do the exact same thing! We , Create, Publish and Profit from our own courses too! In fact, its part of our consulting practice and business coaching services!

Look, we know that not every business out there who is interested in leveraging these mediums wants or needs to ‘know how to do it’. Some prefer to leverage it and just have the development of apps and membership sites done for them so they can strategically ‘sit back’ and allow this source to work for them. That, is what we do. We can show you how or do it for you.

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Membership Development

Membership Website Development

One of the best products that individuals or businesses can consider creating would be a Membership Website or Digital Product. We favor Membership Sites because there are so many benefits and features that can be realized. For example, being able to provide information in the form of video and text tutorials is a phenomenal way to provide value. Look we all know the benefits to be had by attending school. Imagine teaching your current or future customers a skill through your course. ‘E-Learning’ and online training is poised for continued growth.

Getting ahead of the curve and providing a course that teaches others can be lucrative as well as a way to build a huge list and community. I simply have to point you to the plethora of schools, Colleges and Universities to illustrate this fact! The future is online!